SME Templates

For SME Solidworks Templates click HERE

To download Solidworks 2016 click HERE

To implement the templates follow the instructions below

1.Download the templates from the link above

2.Open Solidworks

3.Click Options on the top menu

options4.Under System Options find File Locations

5.Note the file path listed

6.Move the Templates into the file specified from the file path

(you may have to type the path into the address bar, trust me it’s there, just type it in)

Using the SME Templates:

1.Open a new drawing or assembly using the SME Templates (you may have to click advanced on the new solidworks drawing pop up)

2.Open File Properties (next to options) on the top menu

file-properties3.Input Author, Description, and rev

file-prop4.Open a new drawing using the SME Drawing Template

upon inserting a part or assembly that uses the SME Templates the title block will be automatically filled


If you have any questions please email


***Screen Images taken from Solidworks 2015, Solidworks 2016 has different icons but same location***

***Removing or updating Solidworks may remove templates***

***Templates only work for Solidworks 2015 sp4 or later***